Just saying, that’s all.

The Republican Party has long passed it’s ‘use by’ date as an effective organization. Fractured and frazzled it is rapidly deteriorating like a firecracker left in a rainstorm. Boehner, as Speaker of the House, should be cast aside or ‘Man-Up’.
Chances are he is unable to Man-Up as witnessed by the recent ’Fiscal Cliff’ cave-in that provided us with a ridiculous one dollar debt reduction for every forty one dollars of new spending.
This type of willingness to ‘go along to get along’ leaves ’We the People‘ with only a very few good political candidate choices.
Perhaps it is time for a new party. A party not consisting of Old Line Republicans, or even Blue Dog Democrats. A party that can pull together all needed facets such as: fiscal responsibility, strong defense, a spend within our means budget, a return to constitutional law, an end to presidential executive orders, plus an end to rural judges or federal judges altering the law as their ideological thoughts allow.
Perhaps it is time for a Third Party. A party modeled along TEA Party lines. A responsible party with strict term limits.
Frankly I am sick of the Senate, House and Judiciary Ethics Committees who are always willing to excuse one of their own ilk, even though laws have been openly violated.
   I am sick of politicians who say in office for a lifetime!
   I am sick of politicians who receive preferential treatment.
   I am sick of politicians who receive preferential health services into eternity.
   I am sick of lobbyist and corporations who with money and perks sway the votes or needs, to meet their agenda.

It is time for a grass roots movement to spread like wildfire across the Republic of The United States of America!
Larry Camp





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