Just saying, thats all. II

Just saying, that’s all. II

The recent ‘Fiscal Cliff’ rescue agreed on by the out-maneuvered Republican Caucus provided your tax dollars for some unusual ‘Green’ and not so green political favors.
One was the redistribution of our money by providing $7 million for electric scooter development.
Think about that for a moment. The entire concept of owning a two wheeled macho gleaming machine that when fired up pours forth a resounding RRRRRHH-RRRRRHH!
Also there is nothing that equals the sound of a Harley Davidson as the operator runs it up through the gears: ARRRRRRHH-POPP-POPP-ARRRRRRHHHHH-POP-POPP!
The entire motor-cycle show requires big bellies, hairy chests partially covered by an open Levi jacket with the sleeves removed at the shoulders and the requisite head dress; preferably a blue with white polka dot doo-rag.
What self-respecting motorcyclist would dare jump on an electric scooter decked out in his blue and white polka dot doorag?
 And to think: ‘For this, we paid $7 million dollars‘?
Or-if you can bend your mind around this: Picture Jason Bourne after running full tilt across seventy three Italian roof tops, with only two collapsing under his weight, leaps an alley, slides down a three story drain pipe to find an electric Vespa silently waiting.
Quickly Bourne unplugs the scooter from the charging cable and silently hums away.
Equally as quick three silent Fiat Electric Police cars pursue him, the only sound being their sirens that strangely sound like Eeyore with a bad nasal condition.
Despite Hollywood’s receiving $248 million in GREEN incentives to make movies, the movie industry is now quickly ruined by the complete silence of both cycles and cars.
All as a result of American Green Stimulus Re-distribution Fiscal Cliff Pork Programs.



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