Would someone out there please tell me why it is impossible for me to obtain a gmail account.

When you pick a name that will work, then a password, you are signed in.

BUT! From now to eternity when you try to sign in they reject the previously submitted password. So, you re-set the password.

THEN- the new password won’t work and they ask for the last time you signed in. There is a ‘drop-down’ menu for the month–so you can’t use a numeral for the month in which you last accessed the site. Go Ahead! Do It! Because a little red sign pops up and says the NUMERALS for the drop-down, aren’t correct!  Can anyone out there change a drop-down?

Next they want to know five other Google apps you use. Duhh! I don’t need five Google apps and don’t intend to get them.

After several tries at re-setting the password Google has the gall to ask for the email addresses of five (5) frequently used friends email addresses.

Stupid is as Stupid Does.

‘So here’s to Gmail;                                                                                                              That pain in the neck;                                                                                                               I don’t need you;                                                                                                                   So what the Heck!’



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