Dear Friends

Pearlene and I attended the First Presbyterian Church in Graham, Texas today.
The ‘Congregational Prayer of Confession’ was this: “Sovereign God, we confess that we are not ready for your Holy realm. We waste our days with idle pursuits, instead of choosing to serve you.

We spend our nights in foolishness, instead of watching for your return.

Forgive us, merciful God, so that we may return to your fold and rejoice in your presence: through Jesus Christ our Lord, the Lamb upon the throne”.

Truer words were never prayed. I hope they lodged within the hearts of many.

In this period of time folks seem to spend their time of worship with their cell phones, IPads, Androids, tablets, whatever, as they text away with seemingly senseless questions such as, “Wher’r yu at?”- or – “What’er you doing?”

We live across the street from a large city park filled with all maner of playground equipment. Both singularly or together, Dad’s and Mom’s bring their toddlers out and unload them from their carriers. The parent or parents then sit down on the park benches and become lost in worship of thier appliances. Toddlers are left to wonder around at their will, often wondering off into the street.

Before long these toddlers will be adults and the parents will wonder why they never have any time for them.

We may wonder the same thing some day if we don’t have time to spend with Almighty God in the presence of His son, Jesus Christ.

Spend a little time today with the Lord. You will not regret it.

P.S. Jesus died for you and will forgive you of your sins. 

Larry Camp


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