Note: This was written six hours before the invasion of The Paris magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in which 12 people were killed.

It is often said that ‘History repeats itself’ and that ‘No Republic has lasted over two and one half centuries’. I would like to add to that: “Every Republic was formed by Revolution, and every Republic fell because of political graft, government corruption, immorality, and government dole.”

In 2005 I wrote an essay predicting that Russia would move from an Atheistically State to a Muslim State within forty years.

My assessment was not based on scientific evidence or polls, but by parsing out random facts.

Having read that Russia’s population was aging, I concluded the result would be fewer and fewer new births, bringing about a diminishing of the native born Russian, leaving a void in the younger populace.  Also the main line church of Russia has always been the Eastern Orthodox Church and it had been crushed by the heel of the ogreish, despotic Russian government; preaching it’s word of atheism. Thus leaving a void in those who are faithful to Christianity.

Another conclusion was that after the Berlin Wall fell, American influence would infiltrate the masses smothering out what few moral ethics were left in Russia by influencing a Hedonistic form of personal lifestyle.

Perhaps I was on to something, as today we face a fate far worse than Russia could ever pose in the ‘Cold War’.

The words have come full circle as Cal Thomas in his syndicated column wrote on Jan. 1, 2015: “In Europe, the cultural and the spiritual influences of Christianity have been in retreat for some time as churches close for lack of attendees. In Norway, Sweden and Denmark, imams call for the decapitation and/or jail for all who reject Islam, because as immigrants they reject European laws and values.

Sweden alone has lost one million Protestant churchgoers in recent years. When a vacuum is created, others rush in to fill it, and in this case the ‘others’ are radical Islamists.

Thomas goes on to state: “Western values don’t seem so valuable anymore as many have become self-destructive.  In Europe as well as America a near zero population growth of native citizens augmented only by immigrants, a growing secularism that finds no purpose in life other than pleasing one’s self; and the exposure and marketing of the female body, which is an affront to Muslims who regard modesty as a fundamental virtue. . .”  (End quote.)

Do you see the present condition of the United States of America in there anywhere?

Taken as a whole, we Americans are a rather dense lot. We don’t read the Book of Judges in the Old Testament, in fact the average person younger than fifty doesn’t even know it’s there. Yet we have time to track our movie stars, our musicians and our comedians. Recently I saw a TV spot announcing that Saturday there would be fourteen hours of continuous, uninterrupted football! Has sports became another of our ‘little gods’?

We post about the musicians, the movie stars, and the sports scores on Facebook and smartphones, we talk about them over lunch with friends; but we have no clue as to the failure of the Israelites after the death of Joshua as related in the Book of Judges.

We are totally unaware that within the ranks of 140 million Russians there are 20 million Muslims. That is 16% of the total population. In France alone the Muslim population has reached 20% of the total population. The Muslim state established inside France has surrounded the general population in some towns, leaving a ‘No-Go Zone’ for the general population.

Even here in America we have politicians who have sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States of America who are devout Muslims. We have politicians as well as judges calling for Sharia Law to become the law of the land.

The recent mid-term elections will not amount to a whit unless there is a ‘Mid-Term Change’ in the Hearts and Souls of the American People!

Prayer is the only thing that will bring salvation to the Republic. And, by this I don’t mean one prayer here and another over there. I don’t even mean a single church group, or any kind of group here and there. The ONLY THING that will save America from the clutches of the fate that we have created for ourselves is: UNITED PRAYER.

PRAYER AND REVIVAL across the entire nation is OUR ONLY HOPE!

Israel had Ba’al and Ashtoreth. We have our half-dressed musicians, our LGBT singers, our ‘twerkers’ and our obscene movies on the silver screen as well as TV. Will we let our desire for obscene entertainment fill our minds and souls?  Will we let ‘Political Correctness’ in the form of ‘Freedom of Speech’ send this nation down the spiral of uncontrollable desolation?

Will we allow the LGBT group that consist of only 2.3% of America’s population control 100% of our morals?

Will we allow and condone same sex marriages; as has 36 of our states, consisting of 70% of our population?

Will we continue to call terrorism ‘Work Place Violence?

From January 1, 2015 to January 6, 2015, there were 17,713 registered abortions in the United States of America alone. That is an average of 2,823 abortions daily! Shall we allow this to continue?

OR, WILL WE FALL ON OUR KNEES AND BEG ALMIGHTY GOD to forgive this nation of its sin against God and our own bodies?

You can’t do it by yourself! I can’t do it by myself. One single group can’t do it by themselves.

Throughout the Old Testament when Israel or Judah were oppressed and carried away into captivity, or put under subjugation of tribute to an unholy nation, the entire nation moaned and groaned as they repented of their sins and were then freed from the load of the oppressors.

What will we do?  Watch as the Muslims torture, rape, crucify and behead our children and grandchildren—or shall we go on the offensive now through prayer to the Holy God of our Fathers!




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