Part two:

In our last visit we talked about the trials and temptations—(but not about patience)–through our times of trouble.


We often ask ourselves, “Where do these trials and tribulations come from?”

 TRIALS are mentioned many times in both the Old and the New Testaments. Lump all the definitions together and you get ‘Test’.
 TRIBULATION, on the other hand, is a funny word. Let me put it this way: I am certain that you have been to a carnival or fair, or perhaps a child’s birthday party, where the clowns blow up those long skinny balloons and then twist them into funny shapes–like dogs, cats or monkeys.   When you take all of the various meanings of ‘tribulation’ and shake them up, then toss them out, the combined definitions turns out to be like the balloons at the carnival.
That is the true meaning of tribulation. ‘To be pressured, to be twisted, to be squeezed, to be bent out of shape.’
 (‘Patience’ will have to wait for another time, because I don’t have time for that now!   LOL   🙂  
 In regard to trials and tribulation, there is one verse that I would like to call to your attention. It is an obscure verse written in a very important chapter of the Bible. One that we almost totally ignore. It is the 16th verse of Chapter 54 in the Book of Isaiah. It says:
16 “Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy.”
 Plainly stated this says, “Look at this! I AM the ONE who created the black smith that works the billows which blows on the coals in the hearth of life.”
Our first thought on reading this is, “Nawh! That can’t be God!”  But yes, it really is God! God created every thing that ever is, ever was, and ever shall be.
Who can deny this?
 In Part One I stated: “Obliviously the answer is that God the Father wants to know if we are truly His—or—how far are we willing to go in our quest to bring the gospel not into only our own neighborhood, but into all the world.

 If we had no TRIALS we would have no FAITH.   For it is by ‘FAITH’ that we stand or fall before God. With faith we will be like Father Abraham and judged righteous. Without faith in Jesus Christ as our savor and redeemer we are certain to come to a terrifying place.      A place without a designated end time. That is far longer than the ‘Use before’ date on the top of your milk carton. There is NO END! Forever is, well . . . FOREVER!

 In the middle of verse 16, God speaks to us concerning the smith:   “And that bringest forth an instrument for his work.” What are the instruments of his work? This is a subject that is too broad to cover here, but let it suffice to say the instruments are not only anger, disgust, unforgiveness, murder, greed, quest for control or power, but every sin under the sun that can be named.
 The latter part of the verse, “and I have created the waster to destroy” is very ominous. Think of all the people killed in wars from the beginning of time until this day. Isn’t it Satan’s work; ‘to be a destroyer’?
Think of all who have been killed in accidents, some by the initiation of their own actions, others as casualties of actions caused by others.
 Add to that all the people killed by disease.
Don’t even try to count the heathen killed by their fellow religious followers’, who are of another sect, although they claim to worship the same god, all have believed the ‘fools lie’ of ‘Paradise with 72 virgins’.  ALL AT THE HANDS OF THE WASTER! 
 It is extremely hard to believe that our God, ‘Who so loved the world’ would ever bring sickness, wars, disease, any and all things bad and ugly upon us. So, don’t believe it for HE DOESN’T!
However He allows ‘Old Smut Face’—Satan himself, to do the dirty work.    If you doubt this, go back and re-read Job.
Now we know where tribulations and trials come from. With this knowledge we must turn to Ephesians 6:10-18 and simply follow the directions.
PROCEED with all FAITH. Stand with a strong FAITH that Jesus IS our deliver and He is faithful to carry out his promises.


Next: Part Three, ‘PATIENCE what we should strive for’.
Until then, LOVE IS ALL !
Larry   Straight from the Top

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