Mother and children


Isaiah Chapter 54

In Parts one and two we saw that the true meanings of ‘Trials’ is tests. ‘Tribulations’, on the other hand, are similar to the balloons that have been twisted out of shape so as to resemble an object or an animal. In other words the balloon is ‘bent all out of shape’. We all can certainly all recognize THAT feeling.

Also in Part Two, we learned that it was God who created the ‘Smith that blows upon the coals of our very own forge to make the fire even hotter.

Later in Part Three we saw how the ‘Lack of Patience’ by Abram and Sarai gave us Ishmael—the blight of the entire world.

Also in that portion we touched on how quickly or nation has turned from its high ‘Moral Values’ to ‘Love of Self’. That is: People killing their own children, school killings, theater killings, random killings, abortion, the list seems endless. In short, we now stand at the place we were before God annihilated the entire world with Noah’s flood.

In Part Four, we saw the four different ways to interpret scripture.                       

1. Allegorically. 2. The Law of Double Reference. 3. Prophetical. 4. Instructive.

As we experience the present age drawing to an end, we find the following three verses written expressly to the remnant of the Jewish Nation that will escape death at the hand of the Abomination of Desolation.                             (Matt. 24:15-15, Rev. 17:5-6)

Today we will concentrate on verse three of the 54th Chapter of Isaiah.

Isaiah 54:4  (KJV)

  1. Fear not; f. for thou shalt not be ashamed: neither be thou confounded; for thou shalt not be put to shame: for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, g, and shalt not remember the reproach of thy widowhood any more.

We find this verse to be entirely prophetic. First we hear God telling the survivors of the Great Tribulation to e.‘Have no fear’.

Where could this ‘fear’ come from? There are two possible answers that could apply to this question.

  1. Christians who in their zeal blame the Jews for the torture and death of the Savor in some far-fetched reach of vengeance—or ignorance. They seem to have forgotten that if not for the torture, there would be no healing. If not for shed blood and spiritual death there could be no salvation.

  2. Another, is the fact that even after the Second Advent, there will still be nations of ‘animalistic murderers’ intent on destroying those both of the Jewish race as well as the Christian faith.

Witness: “Thus know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves . . .  without natural affection . . . despisers of those that are good.”  (2nd Tim. 3:2)

  1. For thou shall not be ashamed’. ‘Prophetical as well as allegorical. ‘A promise that those of Jewish blood who accept Jesus as Messiah shall never be embarrassed or put to shame at the End Time Judgment. They will sit at the table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on that Great Day of Judgment’.      (Matt. 8:11-12)

One can only imagine the ‘shame’ and ‘guilt’ the People of Promise will feel when the realization dawns that it was THEY (Their predecessors. in reality.) who killed the Savior of the world.

Don’t let anyone fool you with the deceitful words: “The Romans killed Jesus.” Yes, they carried out the orders issued by the Sanhedrin (70 Jewish Leaders.). It is to be noted that under Roman rule an Israelite could not kill. Only the Romans had the power of execution. And wasn’t it the fanatical Jewish crowd that shouted out, “Barabbas! Give us Barabbas!”

It was the fanatical Jews that incited the riot that killed Jesus because they were afraid he would end their corruptive use of ‘Religion’.                    

  1. And shall not remember the reproach of thy widowhood’. In that age a woman could be divorced for the simplest of reasons. Even too much salt in the food, or social matters such as being accused of being a ‘gadabout’; (a gossip monger.).

Although a woman could never divorce a man, a man could divorce his wife by repeating, in the presence of two witnesses, “I divorce thee.” Or, he could even write on a piece of papyrus, ‘I divorce the.”

Women were property—to do as one pleased. Once divorced, where would a woman go? How would she support herself? The Law stated that a Hebrew could not take another Hebrew as a slave, so what occupation was left other than prostitution?

The word here rendered ‘reproach’ g. in the KJV means ‘shame’ or ‘disgust’. In the time period in which this was written a woman who could not have children was a shame and a disgrace to her husband. The burden to reproduce was on the woman, never the man.  (Luke 12”:25)

The man who had many sons was called, “Blessed’. On the other hand female children were considered a burden as they had to be fed and clothed. They were considered too weak to work in the fields, or else their skin might become sun darkened and lower the value of their ‘bride-price’.  (Song of Solomon 1:6)

it this way: As a teenager we did senseless things things that we wish we could recall now that we are adults.  In the ‘prophetic’ sense it means: “You will no longer remember that you carelessly tossed out the Messiah when He came to save you from your sins.”

Women were property—to do with as one pleased. Once divorced, where would a woman go? How would she support herself? The Law stated that a Hebrew could not take another Hebrew as a slave, what occupation was left other than prostitution?

Thus we find that ’reproach of thy widowhood’ g. does not convey the thought of a widow who should be embarrassed because her husband died or even divorced her.

Quite the contrary, for after rejecting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, God turned his back on the Jewish nation making them ’Spiritual Widows’. Please note that God did not turn away from them because he was mad at them, it comes down to the fact that all who do not believe that Jesus is the Christ–is of the ‘antichrist.’                                                        1st john 4:1-3,  1st John 5:1-5,  1st John 5:9-12.

In the natural sense the phrase means: “You will not remember the shame of your youthful years’. Think of

From Noah until the birth of Jesus there were many Jews who looked forward to the coming of the Messiah. They will be judged the same as if they had accepted Him. It is by ‘FAITH’ we are judged righteous—either before or after the affirmation of God: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”  (Matt. 3:17)

It is unfortunate that the Jewish Nation, who was intended to be ‘The Bride of Christ’ had a rebellious streak that always led them away from the true intent of God. One has only to read of the uprisings in the forty years spent running around in circles in the desert—to the split of Israel from Judah that resulted in the Samaritans creating two golden calves they worshipped to supplant God—to demonstrate their stubbornness.

In their desire to not obey the Levitical Law, yet to maintain the appearance of doing so, they created ‘commentaries’, which are called ‘Talmuds’, that explain what Moses really meant when he laid down God’s Law. (matt 15:1-9)

The most inclusive of these is ‘The Babylonian Talmud’ that consists of 51 books explaining what God really meant in the single book of Leviticus. This allowed the Jews to bypass the True Laws of God by providing ways to evade the ‘Real Law’.

The lesson we should pick up from this is that we should place little to no reliance on the commentaries of the Bible written by men.

Rest assured that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you the message in the scripture that HE intends for YOU to receive!

“Beloved, let us love one another; for love is of God; and everyone that loveth is born of God, and know God.        1st John 4:7

Till later,

Larry Camp



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