ISAIAH 54:5                        

Jewish bride with dowry

Jewish bride with dowry



“For thy Maker is thine husband; the LORD of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.”  Isaiah 54:5 KJV

The central thought of this verse is: ‘For your maker is your husband;” Magnifying the central issue that both the Jews as well as the Christians are ‘The Bride of Christ.’

We were created to be ‘The Bride of Christ’.                                             In fact God said that our names are engraved on the palms of His hands.     Think about that!


About 760 years before the birth of the Christ, God called Isaiah, son of Amoz, of the priestly tribe of the Levis, who was brother to King Amaziah of Judah, to warn the sub-nations of Judah and Benjamin of the coming destruction of their kingdoms if they did not turn away from idol worship and return to the Holy One of Israel.

Isaiah was ignored and 26 years later, in 734 BC, the Assyrians under king Tilgath-Pileser III captured portions of the northern division of Israel, removing the occupants and scattering them throughout Assyria and Babylon.

However it was 136 years before the two southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin were dispersed. This took place under King Cyrus II of Persia. This involved a period of 24 years and three separate disper-sals. The number removed was reported to be as many as 40,000 men. Women and children were not counted.

In 723 BC the Assyrians deported more Israelites from the northern kingdom replacing them with colonists from Assyria and Babylonia. The ten northern nations of Israel were in essence ‘blotted out’.

Among those displaced from the northern dysphoria was Daniel who survived the ‘fiery furnace’, read the finger writing on the wall, survived the lion’s den and interpreted the dreams of Nebuchadnezzar.

In 597 BC, 126 years later, the Persians made a pact with the Medes and joined forces to wage war against Babylon and Assyria. Suddenly King Nebuchadnezzar was no longer King of Babylon, as Babylon was made became a ‘vassal’ state to Persia.

After the war, King Cyrus I of Persia seized the Medes (Afghanistan), and in the process ruled all of the land from Babylon, to India, including Bulgaria, Assyria, Media, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Armantan, the western part of India, as well as the eastern and western coasts of the Gulf of Arabia.

His son, King Cyrus II expanded the territory to include northern as well as southern Arabia and Israel.  This included both Judah and Benjamin. They deported a goodly portion of the inhabitants to Babylonia (present day Iraq), Persia (Iran) and Media (Afghanistan and western India).

His nephew Cambyses sacked Egypt and Libya because Egypt replaced a betrothed Egyptian bride to Persian nobleman with a ‘fake’ bride.

Next, King Cyrus’s grandson Darius I captured all of the Baltic States as well as Turkey and Hungary.

Darius II’s grandson Xerxes defeated the Greeks and was knocking at the back door of Rome before they were slowed down by other events. At that time the Persians controlled 44% of the World Population!

In the first year of his reign, King Darius II issued a proclamation stating: ‘The Lord God of Heaven who had given me all the kingdoms of the earth, he has charged me to build him a house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah’.

This required that a great deal of Jewish men return to their homeland. The first of those to return were 42,360 men. The journey, from Persia to Jerusalem, took four and one half months . He also had the inhabitants of his own country take ‘free will’ offerings to support the returning Jews on their travels and to provide for their lives until they could grow their own foodstuffs.

One group set to re-building the city of Jerusalem’s walls, while the Levites and the Priests rebuilt the Temple.

It was not until three years later, on a night when King Darius II could not sleep, that he requested the ancient scrolls of the history of his people be brought to his bed chambers in order to occupy himself.

In reading these scrolls he discovered the location where the ancient gold and silver utensils of the Jewish Temple had been hidden by Nebuchadnezzar.

King Darius II had the items retrieved, repaired, cleansed and polished before returning them to the Priests in Jerusalem who at that time were near completion of the rebuilding of their new temple.

This is the true story of ‘The Redeemer’.

He purchased our souls with his blood.

For thy Maker is thine husband; the LORD of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.”  Isaiah 54:5 KJV




Mother and children


Isaiah Chapter 54

In Parts one and two we saw that the true meanings of ‘Trials’ is tests. ‘Tribulations’, on the other hand, are similar to the balloons that have been twisted out of shape so as to resemble an object or an animal. In other words the balloon is ‘bent all out of shape’. We all can certainly all recognize THAT feeling.

Also in Part Two, we learned that it was God who created the ‘Smith that blows upon the coals of our very own forge to make the fire even hotter.

Later in Part Three we saw how the ‘Lack of Patience’ by Abram and Sarai gave us Ishmael—the blight of the entire world.

Also in that portion we touched on how quickly or nation has turned from its high ‘Moral Values’ to ‘Love of Self’. That is: People killing their own children, school killings, theater killings, random killings, abortion, the list seems endless. In short, we now stand at the place we were before God annihilated the entire world with Noah’s flood.

In Part Four, we saw the four different ways to interpret scripture.                       

1. Allegorically. 2. The Law of Double Reference. 3. Prophetical. 4. Instructive.

As we experience the present age drawing to an end, we find the following three verses written expressly to the remnant of the Jewish Nation that will escape death at the hand of the Abomination of Desolation.                             (Matt. 24:15-15, Rev. 17:5-6)

Today we will concentrate on verse three of the 54th Chapter of Isaiah.

Isaiah 54:4  (KJV)

  1. Fear not; f. for thou shalt not be ashamed: neither be thou confounded; for thou shalt not be put to shame: for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, g, and shalt not remember the reproach of thy widowhood any more.

We find this verse to be entirely prophetic. First we hear God telling the survivors of the Great Tribulation to e.‘Have no fear’.

Where could this ‘fear’ come from? There are two possible answers that could apply to this question.

  1. Christians who in their zeal blame the Jews for the torture and death of the Savor in some far-fetched reach of vengeance—or ignorance. They seem to have forgotten that if not for the torture, there would be no healing. If not for shed blood and spiritual death there could be no salvation.

  2. Another, is the fact that even after the Second Advent, there will still be nations of ‘animalistic murderers’ intent on destroying those both of the Jewish race as well as the Christian faith.

Witness: “Thus know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves . . .  without natural affection . . . despisers of those that are good.”  (2nd Tim. 3:2)

  1. For thou shall not be ashamed’. ‘Prophetical as well as allegorical. ‘A promise that those of Jewish blood who accept Jesus as Messiah shall never be embarrassed or put to shame at the End Time Judgment. They will sit at the table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on that Great Day of Judgment’.      (Matt. 8:11-12)

One can only imagine the ‘shame’ and ‘guilt’ the People of Promise will feel when the realization dawns that it was THEY (Their predecessors. in reality.) who killed the Savior of the world.

Don’t let anyone fool you with the deceitful words: “The Romans killed Jesus.” Yes, they carried out the orders issued by the Sanhedrin (70 Jewish Leaders.). It is to be noted that under Roman rule an Israelite could not kill. Only the Romans had the power of execution. And wasn’t it the fanatical Jewish crowd that shouted out, “Barabbas! Give us Barabbas!”

It was the fanatical Jews that incited the riot that killed Jesus because they were afraid he would end their corruptive use of ‘Religion’.                    

  1. And shall not remember the reproach of thy widowhood’. In that age a woman could be divorced for the simplest of reasons. Even too much salt in the food, or social matters such as being accused of being a ‘gadabout’; (a gossip monger.).

Although a woman could never divorce a man, a man could divorce his wife by repeating, in the presence of two witnesses, “I divorce thee.” Or, he could even write on a piece of papyrus, ‘I divorce the.”

Women were property—to do as one pleased. Once divorced, where would a woman go? How would she support herself? The Law stated that a Hebrew could not take another Hebrew as a slave, so what occupation was left other than prostitution?

The word here rendered ‘reproach’ g. in the KJV means ‘shame’ or ‘disgust’. In the time period in which this was written a woman who could not have children was a shame and a disgrace to her husband. The burden to reproduce was on the woman, never the man.  (Luke 12”:25)

The man who had many sons was called, “Blessed’. On the other hand female children were considered a burden as they had to be fed and clothed. They were considered too weak to work in the fields, or else their skin might become sun darkened and lower the value of their ‘bride-price’.  (Song of Solomon 1:6)

it this way: As a teenager we did senseless things things that we wish we could recall now that we are adults.  In the ‘prophetic’ sense it means: “You will no longer remember that you carelessly tossed out the Messiah when He came to save you from your sins.”

Women were property—to do with as one pleased. Once divorced, where would a woman go? How would she support herself? The Law stated that a Hebrew could not take another Hebrew as a slave, what occupation was left other than prostitution?

Thus we find that ’reproach of thy widowhood’ g. does not convey the thought of a widow who should be embarrassed because her husband died or even divorced her.

Quite the contrary, for after rejecting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, God turned his back on the Jewish nation making them ’Spiritual Widows’. Please note that God did not turn away from them because he was mad at them, it comes down to the fact that all who do not believe that Jesus is the Christ–is of the ‘antichrist.’                                                        1st john 4:1-3,  1st John 5:1-5,  1st John 5:9-12.

In the natural sense the phrase means: “You will not remember the shame of your youthful years’. Think of

From Noah until the birth of Jesus there were many Jews who looked forward to the coming of the Messiah. They will be judged the same as if they had accepted Him. It is by ‘FAITH’ we are judged righteous—either before or after the affirmation of God: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”  (Matt. 3:17)

It is unfortunate that the Jewish Nation, who was intended to be ‘The Bride of Christ’ had a rebellious streak that always led them away from the true intent of God. One has only to read of the uprisings in the forty years spent running around in circles in the desert—to the split of Israel from Judah that resulted in the Samaritans creating two golden calves they worshipped to supplant God—to demonstrate their stubbornness.

In their desire to not obey the Levitical Law, yet to maintain the appearance of doing so, they created ‘commentaries’, which are called ‘Talmuds’, that explain what Moses really meant when he laid down God’s Law. (matt 15:1-9)

The most inclusive of these is ‘The Babylonian Talmud’ that consists of 51 books explaining what God really meant in the single book of Leviticus. This allowed the Jews to bypass the True Laws of God by providing ways to evade the ‘Real Law’.

The lesson we should pick up from this is that we should place little to no reliance on the commentaries of the Bible written by men.

Rest assured that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you the message in the scripture that HE intends for YOU to receive!

“Beloved, let us love one another; for love is of God; and everyone that loveth is born of God, and know God.        1st John 4:7

Till later,

Larry Camp









PART FOUR:    A closer look at Isaiah Chapter 54

In part three, of the past three parts of: ‘Trails, Tribulations and Patience’ I used as an illustration the results of denying the ‘Power of God’ (i.e. the lack of patience.), by Abram and Sarai that produced a son, Ishmael via Sarai’s bondwoman Hagar.

Showing also that this event as presenting the trouble generated by the descendants of Ishmael from about 700 BC– leading up to the present threat to the world today.

In Part Two, I inserted a verse from Isaiah Chapter 54; in which God tells us that ‘it is indeed ‘HE’ that formed the Smith that blows on the coals of our personal forge’.

With this in mind, please join me as we take a closer look at the entire chapter of Isaiah 54. This is a very important chapter that is most often overlooked. It is important in the fact; ‘that not only does it tell us previous history, but also things that will come to pass in the future’.

Chapter 54 is written in four manners. It is part ‘allegorical’ and part ‘The Law of Double Reference’   Also we will find parts as being both ‘prophetical’ and ‘instructional’.

1. Allegorical means: ‘Having hidden spiritual meaning that transcends the literal sense of a spiritual message.’

2. The Law of Double Reference’: Is a scripture that could be one verse, or several verses, that refer to a certain point in time—that might have already come to pass–but also to another point in time that is reserved for the future.

3. There is also a third component of scripter that is called: ‘Prophetic’ or ‘Instructional’.                            By explanation: ‘The Sermon on the Mount’ is instructional.

Verse 1 of Chapter 54 states:  a..Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear! Break forth into singing and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child! b. far more are the children of the desolate c. than the children of the married wife” saith the Lord.        KJV.

a. This portion is allegorical in posture and is speaking to the Christian Gentiles. The Christians never waited thousands of years for their Messiah–simply because without a Christ–there could never be Christianity.

No other nation or group has ever kept such precise record of births and deaths as did the Jewish Kingdom. Although the Law and the Prophets told them from what tribe, and where the ‘King of the Jews’ would be born, they kept these records to determine IF the prophets were correct. Sadly. Even then they did not believe.

Therefore the words, a.Sing, O barren, thou that did not bear’. Indicates the Gentile are the barren, because they never produced the Messiah, but were ‘grafted in’ to Grace by faith.  KJV.

b .For more are the children of the desolate’; we, as Christians, are the ‘children of the desolate’. The Hebrew word rendered ‘desolate’ has the following definitions: ‘to stun’, ‘to bring into’, (fig.) stupefy’, ‘be astonished’, ‘lay’, or ‘make’. The Christian should well ‘be astonished’ for ‘being brought into’ the promise of a joyful hereafter that was recognized by only a very few of the Jewish population. 

c. The latter part of verse 1 states, “Far more are the children of the desolate than the married wife.” It is a fact that the ‘children of the desolate’ (Christian Followers) far outnumber the children of the married wife (Jewish posterity; i.e. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.)

This verse is basically allegorical in content with the ‘desolate’ representing the ‘bondwoman’ Hagar as the outcast; versus the ‘freewoman’ Sarai as the favored of God. However the latter phrase (c.) falls under ‘The Law of Double Reference’ as well as allegorical, inasmuch as the ‘desolate’ equal the ‘drafted in’ Gentiles, (Representing ALL that are not of the blood lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.) versus the ‘married woman’ representing ‘the chosen Race’.

The second verse of this chapter is instructional. d.‘Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes;’  KJV. 

d. Even though it is commonly believed that this portion of Isaiah was written about 760 years before the birth of the ‘Anointed One’, Jesus the Messiah; the Prophet Isaiah teaches that the Jewish race should reach out and accept as well as to become part of the Christian movement.

Verse 3. e.For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities to be inhabited’. KJV.

Abraham was promised his descendants would be numbered ‘as the sands which is on the sea shore’. Yet Isaiah, speaking through the unction of the Holy Spirit, predicts the blessing of salvation that belonged to the ‘Seed of Abraham’ shall pass over to the non-Jewish nations and multiply to the extent of making the deserted areas full of the (grafted-in) God-followers. e. Prophecy-fulfilled. Neither allegorical nor double reference. This has already been fulfilled and continues to be fulfilled. As the children of the ‘bondwoman Hagar’ have spread Christianity into all parts of the world. Parts that Isaiah did not even know existed such as Europe, North and South America. Australia and so on.

Thanks for reading, and as always, your input is appreciated. I pray you meditate on these words and wait for ‘Part Number Five’ of ‘Trails, Tribulations and . . .  Patience?

Part 5 and following, grow even more exciting as the intent of God is foretold towards His ‘Own Beloved Nation’ and how we (The Gentile Christians) are melted into the eternal mix.

With Christian Love,  Larry Camp,

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Part Three:

In Part Two we discussed that it was God who made the ‘Smith that blows on the fires of our tribulations’. And that this same ‘Smith is the ‘waster’ of our lives.  Also we discussed that the word ‘tribulation’ describes a balloon that is twisted and contorted.

However I can’t seem to get to the word ‘PATIENCE’. Perhaps it is because I have had so little of it in my life.        

 SO . . . Hold on, Here goes!

There are many stories of ‘patience’ in the Bible. One is Delilah’s patience in finding  Samson’s weakness.

In the past we often spoke of someone having the ‘patience of Job’. Seldom do we hear that any more. Have we forgotten Job?

 The greatest of all Biblical stories is Abraham’s trusting God year after year to produce the heir that would bring forth a ‘nation numbered as the sands of the sea shore’. Along the way, both Sarai and Abram lost their patience and Sarai gave her slave girl Hagar to Abram to produce an heir. They did–and the world got Ishmael!

 God said of Ishmael: “And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every mans’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.” (Gen 16:11-12 KJV)

The descendants of Ishmael are those who now own the oil producing nations in the mid-east that have drained the Republic of the United States of untold billions of dollars. They are one and the same, with those who now seek to establish a World- wide Caliphate, with the express intention to destroy not only Israel, but Christianity as well.

The next time your patience is tried—stop and think on the havoc this lack of patience of Abram and Sarai has brought into the entire world to this very day–and it is a long way from playing out.  Think 666.  The number of the Beast!

 However our impatience is usually of lesser things that are not history changing in their deed. Our lack of patience usually is the guy in the car ahead of us at the stop light that doesn’t move as quickly as the light changes.  Or perhaps the older couple who dawdles along the highway at ten miles slower than the speed limit, while we want to be going twenty miles faster than the legal speed. Or, it may be with the child who hasn’t his or her socks and shoes on when it is time to go to Pre-K.

We live at a frenzied pace, in a frantic world, preoccupied with iPhones, iPads, smart phones, tablets, and all means of ‘social media’.

Too much, too soon; not to mention the addiction of the coming generations dependency on social media to the point of near total loss of face to face conversation. As a result we inherit antisocial ideology resulting in road rage, random shootings, bullying, family disturbances, child neglect, as well as no knowledge of history to provide us with a point of reference, leaving us with no knowledge of the past.

 Sadly, the ‘Front Porch’ has been gone a long time. It went the way of family dining that was replaced with a greasy sack of fast food and a sugary, caffeine laced drink.

 Family prayer? Dismissed four decades ago.

 Somewhere in all of this we have lost our sense of ‘patience’. It seems as if now everyone thinks they are more important than everyone else—so they run stop signs, pull out in front of you when you have the ‘right of way’ –and will pass your auto on a blind curve or near the top of a hill they can’t see over.

PATIENCE? Where did it go?

There is a scripter that answer this. Paul teaches in his second letter to Timothy in chapter 3, verses 1-4:

‘This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud,    blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;’
(KJV)                                                     NOTE: ‘incontinent means ‘Lacking self restraint.’

 There are several scripture that need to be considered.

Better is the end of a thing than its beginning: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit. Be not be quick to anger, for anger lodges in the bosom of fools.’ Ecclesiastes 7:8-9 RSV

Luke 8:15 teaches:  And for that (i.e.- the seed that fell in the good soil) they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bring forth fruit with patience’. RSV

And lastly, the one we tend to shy away from:

 “And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.”  Romans 5:3-5 KJV

 First of all let me admit that it is very hard for me to glory in tribulations. Revenge has always been the easier way out for me.

It was only after getting ‘REALLY SAVED’ that I came to understand not only ‘forgiveness’ but ‘patience’.

Patience is not one of the gifts listed in 1st Corinthians’ chapter 12.

It is a trial that must be practiced. Only through tribulations and trials will we learn it.

 FINALLY: “Owe no man anything, but to love one another: For he that loves another has fulfilled the law.”

 Be Blessed my Brothers and Sisters!

Larry Camp   

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TRAILS, TRIBULATIONS, AND . . . . . . . . . . . . . PATIENCE ?




Somewhere about the beginning of the New Year I was corresponding with Cathy Neil aka ‘Naphtali’ who writes the Spirit driven blog: ‘Did Jesus have a Facebook Page’?
At that time her family had endured some terrible sickness throughout that fall and winter. I on the other hand had two separate PCs crash in two days. (One had malware with a Far Eastern name as the sender. Do you suppose we have Muslim readers?)
Cathy then replied that she was tired of paying repairs bills and just bought a new PC.  I countered and upped that by buying an iMac OS-X for slightly under TWO GRAND! It was pretty nice having all the working things inside a 31 inch monitor that was only one half inch thick, which allowed for a lot more desk top space to put Bibles…

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Part two:

In our last visit we talked about the trials and temptations—(but not about patience)–through our times of trouble.


We often ask ourselves, “Where do these trials and tribulations come from?”

 TRIALS are mentioned many times in both the Old and the New Testaments. Lump all the definitions together and you get ‘Test’.
 TRIBULATION, on the other hand, is a funny word. Let me put it this way: I am certain that you have been to a carnival or fair, or perhaps a child’s birthday party, where the clowns blow up those long skinny balloons and then twist them into funny shapes–like dogs, cats or monkeys.   When you take all of the various meanings of ‘tribulation’ and shake them up, then toss them out, the combined definitions turns out to be like the balloons at the carnival.
That is the true meaning of tribulation. ‘To be pressured, to be twisted, to be squeezed, to be bent out of shape.’
 (‘Patience’ will have to wait for another time, because I don’t have time for that now!   LOL   🙂  
 In regard to trials and tribulation, there is one verse that I would like to call to your attention. It is an obscure verse written in a very important chapter of the Bible. One that we almost totally ignore. It is the 16th verse of Chapter 54 in the Book of Isaiah. It says:
16 “Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy.”
 Plainly stated this says, “Look at this! I AM the ONE who created the black smith that works the billows which blows on the coals in the hearth of life.”
Our first thought on reading this is, “Nawh! That can’t be God!”  But yes, it really is God! God created every thing that ever is, ever was, and ever shall be.
Who can deny this?
 In Part One I stated: “Obliviously the answer is that God the Father wants to know if we are truly His—or—how far are we willing to go in our quest to bring the gospel not into only our own neighborhood, but into all the world.

 If we had no TRIALS we would have no FAITH.   For it is by ‘FAITH’ that we stand or fall before God. With faith we will be like Father Abraham and judged righteous. Without faith in Jesus Christ as our savor and redeemer we are certain to come to a terrifying place.      A place without a designated end time. That is far longer than the ‘Use before’ date on the top of your milk carton. There is NO END! Forever is, well . . . FOREVER!

 In the middle of verse 16, God speaks to us concerning the smith:   “And that bringest forth an instrument for his work.” What are the instruments of his work? This is a subject that is too broad to cover here, but let it suffice to say the instruments are not only anger, disgust, unforgiveness, murder, greed, quest for control or power, but every sin under the sun that can be named.
 The latter part of the verse, “and I have created the waster to destroy” is very ominous. Think of all the people killed in wars from the beginning of time until this day. Isn’t it Satan’s work; ‘to be a destroyer’?
Think of all who have been killed in accidents, some by the initiation of their own actions, others as casualties of actions caused by others.
 Add to that all the people killed by disease.
Don’t even try to count the heathen killed by their fellow religious followers’, who are of another sect, although they claim to worship the same god, all have believed the ‘fools lie’ of ‘Paradise with 72 virgins’.  ALL AT THE HANDS OF THE WASTER! 
 It is extremely hard to believe that our God, ‘Who so loved the world’ would ever bring sickness, wars, disease, any and all things bad and ugly upon us. So, don’t believe it for HE DOESN’T!
However He allows ‘Old Smut Face’—Satan himself, to do the dirty work.    If you doubt this, go back and re-read Job.
Now we know where tribulations and trials come from. With this knowledge we must turn to Ephesians 6:10-18 and simply follow the directions.
PROCEED with all FAITH. Stand with a strong FAITH that Jesus IS our deliver and He is faithful to carry out his promises.


Next: Part Three, ‘PATIENCE what we should strive for’.
Until then, LOVE IS ALL !
Larry   Straight from the Top

TRAILS, TRIBULATIONS, AND . . . . . . . . . . . . . PATIENCE ?



Somewhere about the beginning of the New Year I was corresponding with Cathy Neil aka ‘Naphtali’ who writes the Spirit driven blog: ‘Did Jesus have a Facebook Page’?
At that time her family had endured some terrible sickness throughout that fall and winter. I on the other hand had two separate PCs crash in two days. (One had malware with a Far Eastern name as the sender. Do you suppose we have Muslim readers?)
Cathy then replied that she was tired of paying repairs bills and just bought a new PC.  I countered and upped that by buying an iMac OS-X for slightly under TWO GRAND! It was pretty nice having all the working things inside a 31 inch monitor that was only one half inch thick, which allowed for a lot more desk top space to put Bibles, books and of course coffee cups. Trouble was; it didn’t act like a PC and it was difficult so, I sent it back.
Back and forth we went.  Each commensurating with the other but Cathy was continually assuring me that over and over in the New Testament we are told that if we serve God we will have trials and tribulations.
 Those are the verses that I like to skip over.
 Then, right before Christmas Eve, I had to have major maxillofacial surgery. With that title it HAD to be expensive, right? It turned out that a rear tooth had to have its roots jackhammered out, a piece of bone cored out from another location and grafted into the hole, then a steel screw put where the core was cut. Yeah, it WAS expensive!
In the meantime a Buddhist family I was trying to convert (Along with a little help from God.) called and told me not to come back. Well, THAT hurt more than the Maxi-what-ever!
Jesus told us when rejected to shake the dust off our feet and move on. Well, I wasn’t quite ready to do that because there was six souls involved in that household. With Jesus’ admonition fresh in my mind, the question once again arose: “Why must we be continually tried?”
Obliviously the answer is that God the Father wants to know if we are truly His—or—how far are we willing to go in our quest to bring the  gospel not into only our own neighborhood, but into all the world.
Also, are we willing to uplift our brethren with words of comfort and encouragement?
 In First Corinthians 12:4-11, Paul names the nine gifts of the Spirit. Later in the same chapter (Vs. 28) he names the 7 offices held in the Church by faithful believers.  You fit in there somewhere! No one is left to be a ‘placeholder’; simply holding down a slot on the pew Sunday after Sunday.  YOU have a ‘gift’ or an ‘office’, or ‘both’, or ‘several, of each’. It is your bound duty to find it and fulfill it.
Will you be persecuted?     You can bet your boots you will! It comes with the territory!
 It follows; whether you accept your ‘gift’ or ‘office’ or not, if you are a Christian you will surely have trials and temptations. And the not-so- funny part about these tests and trials is when undergoing one , or several, after you have overcome that particular test—THIS is not the end of the test!
Oh no. For after overcoming that particle one, you STEP UP to the next level which is even more extreme.
 Well now, that is another story.  How about I meet you here in a day or two and let’s discuss that.
You should know by now that I can’t say it all in three sentences like Don Merritt does.
 Larry Camp                                                                                                                                               Straight From the TOP


As usual,  here I am on a three story scaffold with a two story rope.

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This Psalm was written at the point of the first one third of the ‘time-line’ between Abraham and Jesus.  (“And from Abraham to David was 14 generations, from David to the ‘carrying away of Israel to Babylon’ was 14 generations, and from the carrying away of Israel to the birth of Christ was 14 generations.”)

It is amazing in the fact that it was written while the Hebrew Nation was still offering burnt offerings for their sins in accordance with the Mosaic Law.   Offerings that would never forgive sin, only roll it back one year until the next ‘Day of Atonement’. The writer David, possessed a spiritual knowledge of ‘God’s Anointed One’, who was yet to come, and that He would wipe away the sins of the World.

Hear now Psalm 103                                                                                                         ‘Out of the depths of my misery I have called out to you, O Lord;                               Lord, hear my cry! Let your ears stand at attention as I plead for mercy.                   Lord, if you did keep an account of our sins, who among us could hold up their heads to face you on the coming Day of Judgement? (a)                                            But in you there is forgiveness, and because of this we hold you in our hearts in reverence. (b)                                                                                                                    I wait for you Lord, I wait for the fulfillment of all your promises. And, in those promises I have much hope.                                                                                             My soul waits for your coming; even more than the those who stand atop the protecting walls of our cities and wait wearily for the dawn, (c)                                 O Israel put your hope in the Lord. For in the Lord is love unfailing, and great is His power to set men free. (d)                                                                                          He alone shall set Israel free, for in Him is love and redemption from all our sins.’

(a) The Lord does keep a book of every thought, every sin, every mummer; also our unkindness as well as our kindness and good deeds towards others. On the other hand we are to judge ourelves (1st John 1:10) and repent of our sins. Then our sins will be cast into the ‘Sea of Forgetfulness.’                                                    (b) We owe, and we pay reverence, to, the King of Kings because of his suffering and for the blood he shed to remove the curse of eternal death from our spirits.                                                                                            (c) In ancient times the cities had walls around the perimeter as a defensive shield. Men took turns walking the tops of those walls at night in order to shout an alarm if the enemy approached. (Josh. 2:15, Neh. 4:15-18)(d) In the ancient text Israel consisted of both the southern nation of Judah as well as the northern nation of Israel. after the Hebrew nation refused to accept Jesus as the Messiah, the gentiles (people other than those born of Jewish blood) were grafted into the ‘Royal Household’ and until the return of Christ will serve in place of Israel. Jesus did not know the date and the time of his return because that time will only come when the  very last person of a pre-set number of unholy, non Jewish people are converted to Christianity. Then Jesus will return to Earth.  .

The beauty of the 130th Psalm lies in the fact of knowing that not only does God hear, but he responds to our cry for mercy in every situation.

Also we are assured that God is eager to listen, and accept, our cry for forgiveness, and then grant forgive-ness and toss it away, not to be remembered.any more. (Isa. 38.17, Isa. 43.25)                                                 If the guilt remains to plague us, this is the soul-tormenting work of the great liar, Satan.

The writer of this Psalm was looking forward to the coming of ‘The  Anointed One’; the Messiah in whom he had placed his trust. The last line unequivocally states that the Messiah, and he alone, can set us free from all encumbrances bringing us a Holy Life and Eternal Glory!

All it takes is a little faith; “Therefore, now that we have been justified through faith, let us continue through faith, let us continue at peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have been allowed to enter the sphere of God’s grace, where we now stand. Let us exult in the hope of the divine splendor that is to be ours.  For at the very time we were still powerless, then Christ died for the wicked. Christ died for us while we were yet sinners, and that is God’s own proof of his love towards us.”  (Romans 5: 1-9 selected)


Note: This was written six hours before the invasion of The Paris magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in which 12 people were killed.

It is often said that ‘History repeats itself’ and that ‘No Republic has lasted over two and one half centuries’. I would like to add to that: “Every Republic was formed by Revolution, and every Republic fell because of political graft, government corruption, immorality, and government dole.”

In 2005 I wrote an essay predicting that Russia would move from an Atheistically State to a Muslim State within forty years.

My assessment was not based on scientific evidence or polls, but by parsing out random facts.

Having read that Russia’s population was aging, I concluded the result would be fewer and fewer new births, bringing about a diminishing of the native born Russian, leaving a void in the younger populace.  Also the main line church of Russia has always been the Eastern Orthodox Church and it had been crushed by the heel of the ogreish, despotic Russian government; preaching it’s word of atheism. Thus leaving a void in those who are faithful to Christianity.

Another conclusion was that after the Berlin Wall fell, American influence would infiltrate the masses smothering out what few moral ethics were left in Russia by influencing a Hedonistic form of personal lifestyle.

Perhaps I was on to something, as today we face a fate far worse than Russia could ever pose in the ‘Cold War’.

The words have come full circle as Cal Thomas in his syndicated column wrote on Jan. 1, 2015: “In Europe, the cultural and the spiritual influences of Christianity have been in retreat for some time as churches close for lack of attendees. In Norway, Sweden and Denmark, imams call for the decapitation and/or jail for all who reject Islam, because as immigrants they reject European laws and values.

Sweden alone has lost one million Protestant churchgoers in recent years. When a vacuum is created, others rush in to fill it, and in this case the ‘others’ are radical Islamists.

Thomas goes on to state: “Western values don’t seem so valuable anymore as many have become self-destructive.  In Europe as well as America a near zero population growth of native citizens augmented only by immigrants, a growing secularism that finds no purpose in life other than pleasing one’s self; and the exposure and marketing of the female body, which is an affront to Muslims who regard modesty as a fundamental virtue. . .”  (End quote.)

Do you see the present condition of the United States of America in there anywhere?

Taken as a whole, we Americans are a rather dense lot. We don’t read the Book of Judges in the Old Testament, in fact the average person younger than fifty doesn’t even know it’s there. Yet we have time to track our movie stars, our musicians and our comedians. Recently I saw a TV spot announcing that Saturday there would be fourteen hours of continuous, uninterrupted football! Has sports became another of our ‘little gods’?

We post about the musicians, the movie stars, and the sports scores on Facebook and smartphones, we talk about them over lunch with friends; but we have no clue as to the failure of the Israelites after the death of Joshua as related in the Book of Judges.

We are totally unaware that within the ranks of 140 million Russians there are 20 million Muslims. That is 16% of the total population. In France alone the Muslim population has reached 20% of the total population. The Muslim state established inside France has surrounded the general population in some towns, leaving a ‘No-Go Zone’ for the general population.

Even here in America we have politicians who have sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States of America who are devout Muslims. We have politicians as well as judges calling for Sharia Law to become the law of the land.

The recent mid-term elections will not amount to a whit unless there is a ‘Mid-Term Change’ in the Hearts and Souls of the American People!

Prayer is the only thing that will bring salvation to the Republic. And, by this I don’t mean one prayer here and another over there. I don’t even mean a single church group, or any kind of group here and there. The ONLY THING that will save America from the clutches of the fate that we have created for ourselves is: UNITED PRAYER.

PRAYER AND REVIVAL across the entire nation is OUR ONLY HOPE!

Israel had Ba’al and Ashtoreth. We have our half-dressed musicians, our LGBT singers, our ‘twerkers’ and our obscene movies on the silver screen as well as TV. Will we let our desire for obscene entertainment fill our minds and souls?  Will we let ‘Political Correctness’ in the form of ‘Freedom of Speech’ send this nation down the spiral of uncontrollable desolation?

Will we allow the LGBT group that consist of only 2.3% of America’s population control 100% of our morals?

Will we allow and condone same sex marriages; as has 36 of our states, consisting of 70% of our population?

Will we continue to call terrorism ‘Work Place Violence?

From January 1, 2015 to January 6, 2015, there were 17,713 registered abortions in the United States of America alone. That is an average of 2,823 abortions daily! Shall we allow this to continue?

OR, WILL WE FALL ON OUR KNEES AND BEG ALMIGHTY GOD to forgive this nation of its sin against God and our own bodies?

You can’t do it by yourself! I can’t do it by myself. One single group can’t do it by themselves.

Throughout the Old Testament when Israel or Judah were oppressed and carried away into captivity, or put under subjugation of tribute to an unholy nation, the entire nation moaned and groaned as they repented of their sins and were then freed from the load of the oppressors.

What will we do?  Watch as the Muslims torture, rape, crucify and behead our children and grandchildren—or shall we go on the offensive now through prayer to the Holy God of our Fathers!




Dear Friends

Pearlene and I attended the First Presbyterian Church in Graham, Texas today.
The ‘Congregational Prayer of Confession’ was this: “Sovereign God, we confess that we are not ready for your Holy realm. We waste our days with idle pursuits, instead of choosing to serve you.

We spend our nights in foolishness, instead of watching for your return.

Forgive us, merciful God, so that we may return to your fold and rejoice in your presence: through Jesus Christ our Lord, the Lamb upon the throne”.

Truer words were never prayed. I hope they lodged within the hearts of many.

In this period of time folks seem to spend their time of worship with their cell phones, IPads, Androids, tablets, whatever, as they text away with seemingly senseless questions such as, “Wher’r yu at?”- or – “What’er you doing?”

We live across the street from a large city park filled with all maner of playground equipment. Both singularly or together, Dad’s and Mom’s bring their toddlers out and unload them from their carriers. The parent or parents then sit down on the park benches and become lost in worship of thier appliances. Toddlers are left to wonder around at their will, often wondering off into the street.

Before long these toddlers will be adults and the parents will wonder why they never have any time for them.

We may wonder the same thing some day if we don’t have time to spend with Almighty God in the presence of His son, Jesus Christ.

Spend a little time today with the Lord. You will not regret it.

P.S. Jesus died for you and will forgive you of your sins. 

Larry Camp