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Cracks in our walls



Dear Friend,

And I hope that I can count you as a friend, because we both have several things in common.

One thing is, ‘We both fear that we are losing control of our beloved Nation’!

It is my belief that you are as concerned as I, that our Dear Nation is on a downhill slide and if we do not take action SOON, our way of life as we once knew it, will be lost forever.

THINK NOT of ourselves but of our children, our grandchildren, and the future generations that will follow.

THINK DEEPLY of the chaos, fear, lawlessness, less and less income, and the dire results that will follow.

THINK DEEPLY of our grandchildren living a life unable to purchase quality food, own their own home, buy healthcare resulting in disease rampant and unchecked. Unable to purchase the bare necessities to enable not only a comfortable life, but just a life.

THINK NOT of ourselves, but think of the total annihilation of our society, our democracy that we so cherish! Our personal freedom. . .

YOU think it cannot happen?  I think it is already happening !

THINK of the once mighty nations. Of the Persians, the Greeks, The Israelites, the Romans. All once mighty world powers, all living in luxury, yet all brought down to slavery.

      ARE YOU THINKING YET ?  If not, remember, “History repeats itself because the leaders never learn history.”

But it need not be so. Together we can overcome the threats to our nation. United we CAN change the course of our destiny.

See! No vote and no money required. Just a few minutes of your time.



If you are willing to help, join me at Larryboy3115@att.net and let me know. Or answer at the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Also look for this site: WordPress/Larryboy/straight from the top  I will be adding additional information enabling you to help our children and our grandchildren!


And please pass this along to any one you know that is interested in the future of our nation. 

No spam, no phishing, no cookies! This is the Straight Stuff!





A typical Texas Day!
There I stood–ten thirty in the morning on the third tier of a steel scaffold–thinking about climbing down for that fourth cup of coffee when, ‘Snap-Crackle-n-POP’ the air was filled with the smell of ozone as a lightning strike whizzed by.
It didn’t take long for me to reach the ground–four cups or not!    Steel is still a wonderful conductor of electricity.
I reached cover on the patio just as the first drops of rain sped to earth. Before getting inside the back door, it had turned to hail. After 20 minutes or so, back to rain. Both were torrential.
In a couple of hours it was dry enough to get out to the three-stall Model ‘T’ garage that came with my ‘Un-Ending Restoration Project’ and to start cleaning up a previous mess deserted several weeks. Namely pulling out several sheets of plywood and upending some overturned cabinets.
When the rain ceased a Canadian Clipper zipped through plunging temperatures from seventy five to sixty as quick as a rancher would drop his Silver Beaver Stetson on the adjoining bar stool. Then gale force winds from the north west dropped the temperature to fifty in a matter of minutes leaving everything, including me, soaked through and through.
Within an hour, the wind had shifted to the West and the sky turned red assaulting our sinuses with a dirt storm.                              Anything can happen to Texas weather in the drop of a hat!

After experiencing a sizable amount of frustration with this day, the garage was abandoned in favor of vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor. Just the thing to work off frustration.
Just a normal day here at the north end of the Texas Hill County. Down to freezing last night.
Business as usual. We are accustomed to a fifty-degree drop in temperature in four or five hours. We are also accustomed to having a ‘frog floating’ rain and in two hours or less being choked by a dust storm.
Go figure! The weather in Texas is similar to our Federal Government.

Always changing, never committed and not to be predicted.

Just another typical day in Texas!