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A typical Texas Day!
There I stood–ten thirty in the morning on the third tier of a steel scaffold–thinking about climbing down for that fourth cup of coffee when, ‘Snap-Crackle-n-POP’ the air was filled with the smell of ozone as a lightning strike whizzed by.
It didn’t take long for me to reach the ground–four cups or not!    Steel is still a wonderful conductor of electricity.
I reached cover on the patio just as the first drops of rain sped to earth. Before getting inside the back door, it had turned to hail. After 20 minutes or so, back to rain. Both were torrential.
In a couple of hours it was dry enough to get out to the three-stall Model ‘T’ garage that came with my ‘Un-Ending Restoration Project’ and to start cleaning up a previous mess deserted several weeks. Namely pulling out several sheets of plywood and upending some overturned cabinets.
When the rain ceased a Canadian Clipper zipped through plunging temperatures from seventy five to sixty as quick as a rancher would drop his Silver Beaver Stetson on the adjoining bar stool. Then gale force winds from the north west dropped the temperature to fifty in a matter of minutes leaving everything, including me, soaked through and through.
Within an hour, the wind had shifted to the West and the sky turned red assaulting our sinuses with a dirt storm.                              Anything can happen to Texas weather in the drop of a hat!

After experiencing a sizable amount of frustration with this day, the garage was abandoned in favor of vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor. Just the thing to work off frustration.
Just a normal day here at the north end of the Texas Hill County. Down to freezing last night.
Business as usual. We are accustomed to a fifty-degree drop in temperature in four or five hours. We are also accustomed to having a ‘frog floating’ rain and in two hours or less being choked by a dust storm.
Go figure! The weather in Texas is similar to our Federal Government.

Always changing, never committed and not to be predicted.

Just another typical day in Texas!

Just saying, that’s all.

The Republican Party has long passed it’s ‘use by’ date as an effective organization. Fractured and frazzled it is rapidly deteriorating like a firecracker left in a rainstorm. Boehner, as Speaker of the House, should be cast aside or ‘Man-Up’.
Chances are he is unable to Man-Up as witnessed by the recent ’Fiscal Cliff’ cave-in that provided us with a ridiculous one dollar debt reduction for every forty one dollars of new spending.
This type of willingness to ‘go along to get along’ leaves ’We the People‘ with only a very few good political candidate choices.
Perhaps it is time for a new party. A party not consisting of Old Line Republicans, or even Blue Dog Democrats. A party that can pull together all needed facets such as: fiscal responsibility, strong defense, a spend within our means budget, a return to constitutional law, an end to presidential executive orders, plus an end to rural judges or federal judges altering the law as their ideological thoughts allow.
Perhaps it is time for a Third Party. A party modeled along TEA Party lines. A responsible party with strict term limits.
Frankly I am sick of the Senate, House and Judiciary Ethics Committees who are always willing to excuse one of their own ilk, even though laws have been openly violated.
   I am sick of politicians who say in office for a lifetime!
   I am sick of politicians who receive preferential treatment.
   I am sick of politicians who receive preferential health services into eternity.
   I am sick of lobbyist and corporations who with money and perks sway the votes or needs, to meet their agenda.

It is time for a grass roots movement to spread like wildfire across the Republic of The United States of America!
Larry Camp