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A primer on the story of the Exodus

Mama tole me to get ready for Sunday school an church, so I warshed my face an hans an wetted down my hair and this is the way I look at church time.

In case  you have not read the story of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt in a while, here is a short synopsis of the story to refresh your mind.

Pharaoh Rameses  (The greatest builder in Egyptian History.) turned the Hebrews into slaves after deciding that the Hebrews had became too numerous. He than put them under the hands of Egyptian taskmasters on the construction of the two Treasure cities of Pitham and Rameses, while making their lives bitter with hard services in mortar and brick as well as in the rice and wheat fields.
Moses parents were Amram and Jochebed who were of the priestly line that was to become the  Levites, the priests of Israel.

When the child we know as Moses was born, his mother kept him hidden for three months. She then enclosed him in a basket woven of rush and sealed it with pitch, concealing him in the reeds along the river’s edge.

Pharaoh’s daughter came to bathe at the spot and when she saw the basket she sent a maid to fetch it.  On opening it the baby started to cry and the princess felt pity for it, realizing it was one of the Hebrew children her father had ordered killed.

Moses’ older sister Miriam had been posted a little distance away to watch the baby. She approached the princess and offered to find a Hebrew woman to suckle the child. This was agreed on and she ran off to fetch Moses’ mother.

When he was older, Pharaoh’s daughter adopted him and gave him the name of Moses because it means, “I drew him out of the water”.    (Ex. 2:10)

Aaron was older than his brother Moses by three years, though younger than his sister Miriam.

However, that may not be exactly how Billy Ray Spencer sees it at all!