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Cracks in our walls



Dear Friend,

And I hope that I can count you as a friend, because we both have several things in common.

One thing is, ‘We both fear that we are losing control of our beloved Nation’!

It is my belief that you are as concerned as I, that our Dear Nation is on a downhill slide and if we do not take action SOON, our way of life as we once knew it, will be lost forever.

THINK NOT of ourselves but of our children, our grandchildren, and the future generations that will follow.

THINK DEEPLY of the chaos, fear, lawlessness, less and less income, and the dire results that will follow.

THINK DEEPLY of our grandchildren living a life unable to purchase quality food, own their own home, buy healthcare resulting in disease rampant and unchecked. Unable to purchase the bare necessities to enable not only a comfortable life, but just a life.

THINK NOT of ourselves, but think of the total annihilation of our society, our democracy that we so cherish! Our personal freedom. . .

YOU think it cannot happen?  I think it is already happening !

THINK of the once mighty nations. Of the Persians, the Greeks, The Israelites, the Romans. All once mighty world powers, all living in luxury, yet all brought down to slavery.

      ARE YOU THINKING YET ?  If not, remember, “History repeats itself because the leaders never learn history.”

But it need not be so. Together we can overcome the threats to our nation. United we CAN change the course of our destiny.

See! No vote and no money required. Just a few minutes of your time.



If you are willing to help, join me at Larryboy3115@att.net and let me know. Or answer at the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Also look for this site: WordPress/Larryboy/straight from the top  I will be adding additional information enabling you to help our children and our grandchildren!


And please pass this along to any one you know that is interested in the future of our nation. 

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English: Scroll of the Psalms

English: Scroll of the Psalms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

23 Psalms:  

“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures” (KJV)

In this passage the first thought that we must grapple with is our understanding of the archaic English verb ‘maketh’. (‘make’ in the NIV.) Unlike the comedian Flip Wilson who claimed, ‘The Devil made me do it!” ‘Our Shepherd’ never ‘MAKES’ us do anything. Every act, ever thought, every word, every deed and every action, is committed of our own free will. The choice is ours to make. And, I must add, so are the consequences!

Choosing from the options in the Hebrew dictionary a better choice for the word rendered ‘maketh’ would be ‘invites’, or ‘allows’. Thus we understand: “He invites me to lie down in green pastures.” Or: “He allows me to lie down in green pastures.”

With the invitational concept in mind, lets examine the contrast between our present culture and the culture in existence when this psalm was written.

In this present age, ones wealth, and often our peace of mind, is measured in properties, stocks, bonds, or cash. On the other hand our ‘perceived’ financial worth is often estimated by our friends and acquaintances in automobiles, boats, jewelry, and houses.

In opposition, in the nomadic/agrarian time in which this psalm was written, wealth was not measured in coins or paper. Instead it was measured in the amount of sheep one owned. This concept was true in all countries from Egypt eastward to India—at that time considered the boundaries of civilization.

  • · Mesha, the king of Moab, had to pay the king of Israel one hundred thousand lambs plus another one hundred thousand rams, with the wool still intact, each year for ‘protection’. (2nd Kings 3: 4)
  • · In Job 42: 12 we are told that after Job’s trial was over he gained fourteen thousand sheep.
  • · Solomon sacrificed one hundred twenty thousand sheep at the dedication of the temple. (1st. Kings 8: 63)
  • · Throughout the Old Testament vast numbers of sheep are recorded in trade or dowries. But none exceeded the amount recorded when the tribe of Manasseh defeated the Hagarites (descendents of Ishmael, son of Hager the slave girl, fathered by Abraham, and forerunner of today’s Islam). The tribe of Manasseh took from the Hagrites, in addition to other animals and humans, two hundred fifty thousand sheep!

From these numbers we easily conclude that the most valuable items possessed were sheep. And, we might add: ‘Sheep were not subject to ‘market fluctuations’.

In many places in the scriptures, the Children of Promise, and by extension; we Christians, are referred to as ‘sheep’. No verse is more prominent than the latter part of Psalm 100:3 that states: “We are his people and the sheep of his pasture.”

You might ask, “How does all this about ‘sheep’ relate to us in our present hi-tech society in which every family owns at least 2 cars, 3 or more ‘smart phones’, but not very many sheep?

Here’s how. By using the ‘invitation’ concept, we can relate the past to the present when we read the first part of verse 2 as follows:           

“He invites me to lie down in green pastures”

It is quite simple. There are three trains of thought that can be followed. The first is:

1. As the descendants of Abraham increased in population more turned from the nomadic life of shepherding and turned to farming, tradesmen, and craftsmen.
Forests were cut for construction, or gave way to cultivation of grains, vineyards, olive groves, and fruits.
Even then the Hebrew family never gave up their goats and sheep because these animals supplied the material for the bulk of their clothing as well as a portion of their food. Consequentially each family maintained a sheepfold to protect their stock.

If after guiding his flock on a difficult forage in dry weather, where the main fare was ‘skimpy pickings’, a shepherd might by chance came upon a
grassy field where the owner invited him to bring his flock and let them eat and rest, the shepherd would have counted his flock’s wants as met.

2. The second thought is similar: ‘In the hot, arid land of Palestine, the major rains only occurred in the October/December period and the February/March period. The only other refreshing moisture for the remainder of the year came at night as fog from the Mediterranean.’ What could be more welcome than suddenly wandering upon a heretofore-unknown pasture, and the shepherd inviting (maketh – KJV) his flock to lie down in this shaded, cool and lush, pasture? Both ‘His’ and ‘their’ wants were met.

3. The third, and most important is this: If the most valuable possession one owns is sheep, and if we truly are ‘the sheep of His pasture, would not the Creator, Almighty God, who loves us so much, meet our ‘wants’ by inviting us to symbolically lie down in lush, green pastures to and achieve rest from our current problems?

As you think on the possibilities of this verse, and recognize the fantastic truth within it, you will understand that you have every right to accept the gentle care of ‘The Shepherd’ for his flock.

Why not put God to the test by choosing your greatest ‘want’.

Choose whatever your greatest ‘want’ or ‘need’ is, and speak it out loud substituting this ‘want’ or ‘need’, for the biblical phrase, ‘Green Pastures’.

God has already made HIS promise. Now it is up to YOU to accept or reject it!

Will you accept this invitation to His refreshment and His goodness today?

Begin today by confessing the following: “He invites me into (insert your want or need here. Examples: A larger paycheck; Better health; Closer walk with God.; Etc. Etc. )
Keep this thought in mind and repeat it over and over until it becomes a part of your expectations.

You will get what your mouth speaks! (Read Proverbs 18:21)

Ownership of intellectual property retained by Larry Camp.


I live in a portion of Texas where the main industry is oil and gas production. That is to say that our main income producing industry is either drilling, producing, maintaining or transporting oil and gas. Also  producing  the necessary water to drill wells, or water-flood near depleted wells.

On any given day over fifty one percent of the total drilling rigs running in the northern hemisphere of the Americas are drilling in Texas. Today the rig count in Texas is down by 11.3% thanks to an overabundance of natural gas as well as DOE and EPA restriction policies. Today there are 838 (land) oil drilling rigs operating in Texas. The  state nearest to that count is Oklahoma with 194 (land) rigs running.

Today Texas will  produce 2.139 million barrels of oil at a price of $96.08 per barrel for a total income of $205,515,120 million dollars, and that is for one day only!

At the current price that would amount to $75,013,018,000 Billion dollars annually!

A side note is required here: ‘All oil revenue in Texas, other than the ‘School Lands’ that was set aside at the founding of the Republic of Texas to finance schools, comes from privately owned land and is mostly drilled, produced and sold by either individuals, or small companies. Exon Mobil, BP, Conoco-Phillips and Chevron are all small potatoes in this state.

The annual oil production, in U.S. dollars, from Texas oil alone, is only (approximately) $11 Billion dollars less than the annual total industrial output of the ‘Peoples Republic of China’—exceeding  third place Japan’s total  ‘industrial output’ by slightly over $7.9 Billion annually.

President Obama continues to try to eliminate the oil business in the U.S. by both restrictions and taxes. A good example of the travesty of his ideology of taxing ‘Big Oil’ is to eliminate the ‘Depletion Allowance’. He calls it ‘Eliminating Big Oil’s Loopholes’.

By way of explanation; the cost of drilling a five thousand foot deep well today is approximately $1.75 Million dollars. This is a one-time CAPITAL INVESTMENT and as such is a ‘direct expense’ whether the well makes ‘pay’ or is a ‘dry hole’.

Should the well be an ‘oiler’, or ‘gasser’  the actual amount of recoverable resources are unknown. What IS known is the resources will not last forever. ‘Depletion’ is the USING UP of the resources as they are consumed. For this unknown amount of depletion of unknown resources the IRS allows the owner or the investor to to take a deduction of 15% annually of the GROSS INCOME of the well. Please  note this is GROSS INCOME not NET INCOME

Compare this with the capital investment of building a manufacturing plant or a shopping center. The investor may set his DEPRECIATION for the number of years of LIFE EXPECTANCY of the structure. This could be 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years.

If the owner selects twenty years as the optimum life of the structure, he may divide the total cost of the construction of the structure by 20 and that is the annual depreciation. This depreciation is a direct deduction from the owners total income PRIOR to taxes.

Do you EVER hear of anyone shouting for the removal of depreciation allowances on REAL PROPERTY?

 Can anyone fail to see the hypocrisy here? Anyone notice the hue and cry  of campaign mode pomposity in his call for removal of ‘BIG OIL’ loopholes in the oil producer’s taxes, while ignoring REAL PROPERTY TAXES? (No, I am not in the oil business.)

On the other hand Facebook.com recently announced that it had a net operating profit in excess of $1 Billion dollars last year.

How much tax did Facebook pay on that?     NOT ONE RED CENT! 

In fact, they received a TAX REFUND OF $449 Million dollars! 

It is an interesting fact that the originator of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg is a friend of President Obama, and that Facebook contributed $100,000.00 Dollars to President Obama’s re-election campaign. I don’t suppose this ‘friendship’ and/or campaign contribution could have influenced the IRS in anyway in Facebook’s taxes and their tax return. Do You?

JUST SAYING, THAT’S ALL!       Larry Camp


A typical Texas Day!
There I stood–ten thirty in the morning on the third tier of a steel scaffold–thinking about climbing down for that fourth cup of coffee when, ‘Snap-Crackle-n-POP’ the air was filled with the smell of ozone as a lightning strike whizzed by.
It didn’t take long for me to reach the ground–four cups or not!    Steel is still a wonderful conductor of electricity.
I reached cover on the patio just as the first drops of rain sped to earth. Before getting inside the back door, it had turned to hail. After 20 minutes or so, back to rain. Both were torrential.
In a couple of hours it was dry enough to get out to the three-stall Model ‘T’ garage that came with my ‘Un-Ending Restoration Project’ and to start cleaning up a previous mess deserted several weeks. Namely pulling out several sheets of plywood and upending some overturned cabinets.
When the rain ceased a Canadian Clipper zipped through plunging temperatures from seventy five to sixty as quick as a rancher would drop his Silver Beaver Stetson on the adjoining bar stool. Then gale force winds from the north west dropped the temperature to fifty in a matter of minutes leaving everything, including me, soaked through and through.
Within an hour, the wind had shifted to the West and the sky turned red assaulting our sinuses with a dirt storm.                              Anything can happen to Texas weather in the drop of a hat!

After experiencing a sizable amount of frustration with this day, the garage was abandoned in favor of vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor. Just the thing to work off frustration.
Just a normal day here at the north end of the Texas Hill County. Down to freezing last night.
Business as usual. We are accustomed to a fifty-degree drop in temperature in four or five hours. We are also accustomed to having a ‘frog floating’ rain and in two hours or less being choked by a dust storm.
Go figure! The weather in Texas is similar to our Federal Government.

Always changing, never committed and not to be predicted.

Just another typical day in Texas!